What we need is MOAR CAPACITY! (Score: 1)

by in Huawei reveals new smartphone battery that charges 10 times faster on 2015-12-20 14:57 (#Y98H)

With today's quad and octocore smartphones what we need is more capacity, I mean who cares if it'll charge in say 10 minutes if I can blow through the entire charge of my phone in less than 45 minutes of gaming or a little over an hour of video streaming? I have yet to see a smartphone that can even compete with the 6 year old battery on my netbook with its 2 hours of gaming or 4 hours plus of streaming, what good is all this high tech in our portable devices if we are tied to an outlet?

Re: Microsoft does not get to be my big brother (Score: 2, Interesting)

by in Windows 10 can detect and disable pirated games and modified peripherals on 2015-08-25 15:27 (#JDPK)

Uhhh...because before Windows 10 this was not true? XP/Vista/7, hell even 8 and 8.1 once you stripped out the crapstore are simply OSes that the user is in full control of, this is NOT true of Windows 10. With Windows 10 what you get is a Chromebook that runs programs natively, that is all, all the words you type, everything you do, is sent back to corporate just like with a Chromebook it only PRETENDS that its a non thinclient when in reality it sends all the data back just like any other thin client.

I have to give MSFT credit for one thing....Windows 10 has actually caused me to recommend Windows 8 because you can pick up a copy of Win 8 for around $60 USD and with the crapstore removed and Classic Shell its merely Win 7 with a worse control panel.

Re: More government bullshit! (Score: 1)

by in Wood-burning homes targeted as major air polluters on 2015-02-07 01:58 (#2WY3)

Thank you! I get so tired of somebody deciding because of where a state is on the map that it is or is not a nanny state without learning anything about the state or its laws! And you perfectly illustrate why I can be extreme left and am utterly opposed of these "think of the (insert children, public,etc) and ban it" kind of laws because they NEVER take common fucking sense into account, never simply focus on what it is that is causing harm, nope lets just ban EVERYTHING that has anything to do with it without distinction! Its the equivalent of trying to get rid of a garden pest problem in your backyard by dropping a MOAB on the block!

If you want to say "this area has too much pollution so we need homes to release below X amount of polluting gases"? I have NO problem with that, as you are not choosing favorites and promoting one (possibly lobbied for) industry over another, you are simply looking at the output. But as you rightly pointed out with bans it wouldn't matter if the gas heating unit belches crap into the air and the wood system has multilevel filtering to only output hot air, all that matters is HOW its created, not WHAT is being created and WHERE its going and that is just retarded!

Re: Its just nuts! (Score: 2, Informative)

by in Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled with more memory and faster processor on 2015-02-05 12:22 (#2WWY)

LOL I'm already there, more if you count the 3 Android phones. I got the Phenom II X6 for gaming, the wife has the Phenom II X4 for her gaming, got an older C2Q I use for an A/V renderbox, then there is the E350 netbook for me, the C2D lappy for the wife, horsepower ain't lacking here LOL!

Re: Landmine (Score: 1)

by in Microsoft admits Windows 10 preview has a keylogger on 2015-02-04 17:06 (#2WWP)

Oh lord here comes the bullshit, for those that care here are the facts...FACT its an ALPHA BUILD that is designed to catch bugs and let MSFT see what people like and use and what people avoid so they don't make another Windows Mist8ke Edition, it is NOT designed for daily use, THAT would be the Consumer Preview due in a couple months, okay? FACT it says quite clearly in the very large print EULA that you see upon installation EXACTLY what they are logging and again the WHY they are logging it, and as for the audio logging are you REALLY that out of the loop? One word......CORTANA! For those that do not know Windows 10 will come with Cortana which is a VOICE ACTIVATED assistant similar to Siri. Because she is voice activated there is plenty of things about your average audio they need to know like 1.- What level is the average background noise, 2.- what level most like their music at, 3.- What is a good level for Cortana as far as mikes go, 4.- How hot the average laptop or desktop mike is so they can have a safe level, and so on. This is common sense folks, gonna use voice commands? you gotta know this shit.

I urge the non tinfoil hatters to give it a go, I have it running on the weakest thing I currently have (I believe in testing an OS on weak hardware as if it runs good there? It'll run that much better with more resources) which is an AMD E350 netbook with 8GB of RAM and a 5400RPM 320GB drive. On Win 7 while it was okay once everything loaded getting it to that point was slllllooooowwwww as Xmas, Windows 10? WWWOOOOOOO HOOOOO BABY YEAH this baby boots nearly as fast as my hexacore desktop! Its punchy, responsive, hell I've used stripped down gamer builds of XP and 7 that wasn't THIS fast and responsive, its fricking great and that is with all the drivers running in compatibility mode!

Re: Fewer like this, please (Score: 1)

by in DEA tracking millions of drivers across US on 2015-02-04 16:51 (#2WWN)

Well more folks are gonna have to get out the word, simple as that. I started on Soylent but frankly they are swinging farther left than Slash and when its coming from a socialist commie pinko like me? You KNOW its too damned far left! That is what happens when you end up with a couple of Social Justice Warriors in positions of power, it ALWAYS comes down to political agendas and pushing their beliefs...I swear SJWs are worse than fricking Scientologists! this site seems a lot more like what those of us escaping Slash wanting but there really needs to be more getting out of the word, hell I wouldn't have even known this existed if a Soylent poster wouldn't have mentioned it...maybe somebody should contact the sites beyond and try to get pipe listed?

While I don't have the strength ATM to crank out a bunch of articles (had to have a wisdom tooth extracted via surgery as it was wrapped around a major nerve, needless to say OOOOWWWWW!) what I CAN do to help out Pipedot is let the guys here in on a little secret on having tons of timely articles IF you want this site to be actually about tech as opposed to political BS. Just go to Dailyrotation and Freshnews, these two feeds will give you dozens of timely relevant articles to choose from in everything from science to OSes, hardware to networking, just grab a handful of those and spend 20 minutes whipping up a summary and tada! Instant relevant news. Again I'll be happy to help when I'm not going "OOOOWWWWW son of a bitch!" or being woozy from painkillers but until then it'll be an easy way to keep the line a rolling.

More government bullshit! (Score: 1, Insightful)

by in Wood-burning homes targeted as major air polluters on 2015-02-04 16:38 (#2WWM)

Don't you just looove how they can just ban anything they want while costing them nothing? If they want to ban something as expensive they should not be allowed to unless THEY come up with the money in the budget to pay for the replacements! I don't know about everybody else but I'm personally getting sick and fucking tired of nanny state shitters telling what I can eat, breathe, listen to, about a nice cup of STFU and leave people alone?

Its just nuts! (Score: 2, Insightful)

by in Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled with more memory and faster processor on 2015-02-04 16:34 (#2WWK)

Its just fricking CRAZY how cheap hardware is getting! You can grab a quad ARM board like this for $35, buy nice dual tablets for $50, heck you can grab a new dual core AMD AM1 APU that makes a kickass HTPC, $60 for a dual or $80 for a fricking quad, its just crazy! I hope everybody simply takes a moment to marvel at how well we have it hardware wise, never in history has such insane amounts of power been so affordable, enjoy!

Re: What's with the attitude here? (Score: 1)

by in Advertisers are outraged that 23% of video ads are viewed by robots on 2015-01-01 03:49 (#2WK3)

Uhhh because they refuse to take responsibility for the malware they spread? If I put malware on my site and infect your PC? Unless someone took control of my site MY ass is on the line, but these advertisers rent space to anybody with cash and when they spread a zero day they just go "oh well, sucks to be you" and keep cashing the checks.

So fuck 'em, as long as they refuse to take responsibility for the security of their ads I will be happy to support all manner of screwing their business model, because it is a corrupt piece of offal that needs to DIAF.

Re: Watching the sausage getting made, doesn't really help (Score: 1)

by in What Linux users should know about open hardware on 2014-12-09 03:42 (#2VRB) DO know that the reason they are having to go slower than they like is because of INTEL, yes? That HDCP is Intel's property and if they release anything that could put Intel's DRM at risk they'll get sued, you DO know this right? Intel doesn't have the same restriction because they built their CPUs around HDCP DRM and thus have a section of the chip dedicated to HDCP, AMD doesn't waste space on DRM and instead uses the GP-GPU to handle HDCP which is why they have to tread lightly. if you don't like how fast they are doing things? Tell Intel to take the cuffs off with HDCP.

Re: One Problem (Score: 1)

by in Debian is forked. Meet Devuan on 2014-12-09 03:37 (#2VR9)

Nah just follow Johnny Carson's lead and make sure every girl you marry afterwards has the same first name...problem solved!

Re: 30 MB is pretty impressive... (Score: 0)

by in Friday Distro: SliTaz Linux on 2014-10-04 03:32 (#2T30)

Why EXACTLY is that impressive? Are you dumpster diving hardware from 1993? Even the cheapest POS tower I have in the corner of the shop so I have something at every price point including below $100 has a 160GB HDD in it so frankly stripping an OS down that small to brag about seems not only stupid but a serious waste of time,especially when its supposed to be a desktop as opposed to an embedded platform.

Re: Watching the sausage getting made, doesn't really help (Score: 1)

by in What Linux users should know about open hardware on 2014-09-30 09:24 (#2T0X)

Uhhhh...why not just vote with your wallets and affect REAL change? AMD is opening the hardware as fast as humanly possible, supports the coreboot project, even put some extra men on the FOSS APU drivers to get them up to why not support the company that is trying to support you by buying AMD and influencing others to do so as well? The bang for the buck is still firmly in the AMD camp and you can get some crazy powerful hardware for peanuts and if enough FOSS supporters vote with their wallets and AMD sees their sales go up because of this? Other companies WILL notice this and be more likely to support you as well.

So instead of trying to make something that if you are REALLY lucky might reach 4 digits in sales why not affect some REAL change and support a company that is really trying to help you whose gear anybody can buy?